Writing a Proposal through a General Format

Whether you are submitting a research proposal for a paper to pass a subject in school, or you are making a proposal to attract investors and other businessmen to your business, following the correct format will always make your work better.

Even if the people you are presenting the business proposal do not know the correct scheme, following an organized proposal format will consolidate your ideas together perfectly so that they can understand the message that you are trying to tell them. It does not matter what type of proposal you are making or for whom the proposals are, the same format is still generally used in creating a strong and concise proposal. Before making your proposal and following the general format, you still need to ask yourself on what do you want your audience to get and understand from your proposal. Even if all proposals follow the same format, it is the content of your paper that should be tailored to your specific audience.

The main goal of following a general proposal format when making a proposal is to group your ideas together properly so that they can easily be understood and interpreted by the people you are presenting the proposal to. Here is the general format of a proposal and this is what you should follow:

• Abstract. The first part of your paper should be the abstract. The abstract is actually a very brief description of the entire proposal and it is best that you make a paragraph with less than 100 words. It is unnecessary to go into detail in this part since it is merely an overview.

• Introduction. The introduction is the part of your proposal where you should start talking about the problem and the purpose of the study. You should also include why this problem has made you interested. You may have seen a problem in a certain business that you want to solve or look into. You should also explain very well the reason why you are bringing up this proposal.

• Method. This part is where you will indicate the different ways and methods on how you will perform the study. This is section is very important because your methodology may prove if your study is actually worth the time or not. If you used the wrong participants or apparatuses, then the audience will question the integrity of your results. Since this is still a proposal, include your plans in making the result as fair and as legitimate as possible.

• Results. This section of the proposal format should be where you will state what you expect to find out after the research has been done. With all the data that you have after collecting them, you also should tell the audience how you plan to interpret and process them. Do not include implications yet because the study has not yet been performed and this is still a proposal.

• Evaluation. This part of the paper will showcase your plan in the project evaluation. This is where your expected results will be placed and their comparison against your original hypothesis.