The Winning Proposal Framework

By instituting this simple requirement-solution conversation with the prospective client on the proposal, you can create a basic but effective business proposal which you can still apply on the future proposals you are going to present.

The Executive Summary is the portion providing an overview of the overall content of the proposal. This part is intended for the higher managements within the organization of your client who don’t have enough time to read everything except the proposal highlights.

The Problem Requiring Solution - The problem is most basic part of the proposal format. If you are going to write the problem that requires you to solve, make sure that you will convey the message from the client’s perspective.

Presenting the Solution - You must present a convincing solution you have for the problem you presented emphasizing your confidence that the solution could help the company. Bear in mind that the solution is the most crucial part of the business proposal. Provide an overall account and description of your methods; however, you must not go overboard by providing too many details.

A high quality proposal letter should focus more on the customer. The contents must highlight the vision of the client as well as the benefits that can convince them to consider your product. A mistake often committed by marketers is that their proposal is more focused on their own company and giving emphasis to self qualities instead of their clients.

An effective proposal establishes the dialogue precisely with the prospective reader, which is the intention of the winning proposal framework. Every element of the dialogue suggests an aspect vital to all business proposals. Just remember that perfect presentation is not what matters all the time but also the data or content.

The templates available online will just provide you with brilliant idea regarding the contents and presentation of the proposal; however, you just also come up with your own unique way and not base the proposal entirely on the templates.

A block letter proposal format could be also used by the marketer. Aside from this, there are also other formats of letters like the semi-block letter and the simplified one. The kind of proposal letter you will draft will depend largely on you. What is important is that you make the presentation well and the contents convincing to allow the reader to take interest in your proposal and consider it for an actual dialogue.