Simple Proposal Format

There may be different variations to the proposal plans that you may find especially if the project or activity that they are proposing may require different subheads and other necessary inclusions. But there is a fundamental and simple proposal format that can generally be used in school or at work.

A simple format for a proposal would show 6 different subheads. These subheads are the most basic components of any proposal and they help make the proposal paper have structure. If some formats are specific for a certain type of project, these 6 different subheads will still be found in it. The 6 parts of a simple format are the header, the purpose, the problem, the solution, the costs, and the conclusion. The header will contain details about the name of the proposer and the recipient with the name of the proposal as well.

The purpose will state the reasons why the proposal has been made which leads to the problem where a detailed explanation of the situation should be given. The solution will be the suggested activities or measures that will lead to answering the main problem of the proposal. The costs will outline the resources needed for the project while the conclusion will summarize everything and encourages the reader to agree on the proposal.