Proposal Format: The Middle

In the middle section of your proposal, the first thing to do is describe your ‘Solution”. It is important that you are able to prove to the audience that your proposed solution will best address a specific problem. Discuss persuasively how beneficial your solution is, with the use of hard figures and facts to back up your claims. Now, describe the ‘Methodology’ or ‘Approach’ that you are using for the implementation of your proposed solution. This should include information on how your work will be sequenced and managed. You also need to state that your resources and labor are excellent enough to produce quality outcome. Provide a detailed schedule indicating crucial checkpoints and essential milestones. Let the audience know that they can participate in this endeavor of yours, from the beginning to the end of the project.

Create a list of all your ‘Qualifications’ so that your readers will feel confident and comfortable with your capabilities as the proposer. You should present evidence that both you and your working team have substantial background and experience to perform the task well. List a ‘Budget’ in detail to reveal all your needed resources and their relative costs. The total cost of your project must be calculated, including supplies, equipment, materials, labor and the like.