Proposal Format: The Beginning

In general, a written proposal is intended to meet a certain need by means of a project, service or product. A proposal will succeed if it informs and at the same time convinces the audience of the budget, solution and qualifications of its proposer. Typically, a solicited proposal gives certain information which is requested by readers in a specific format and order. On the other hand, an unsolicited type of proposal should sometimes convince readers of the existence of a need. Either way, every proposal should feature a convincing beginning, middle and end. Every section of the proposal must be well-written to urge the audience to accepting the solution that has been proposed.

First and foremost, you need to make the ‘font matter’ of your proposal. This is usually composed of a transmittal letter, title page, table of contents and project summary. The summary of your proposal may come in the form of either single-page administrative summary or an abstract of 100-300 words. The heading ‘Introduction’ should be the starting point of your proposal. The purpose of your proposal should be disclosed and its contents previewed. You must explain in detail what your relationship with the audience is and how beneficial your proposed solution is to them.

Now, discuss the ‘Background’ of your proposal. State and describe the problem and your audience respectively. Allow them to know that you have done extensive research on a certain issue before arriving at your proposed solution. All your assumptions and premises need to be stated clearly. The basic terms that you have used in your proposal should be clearly defined.